2022 Theses by Author
Institute for Software Research
School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

Please see abstracts for all citations/formats related to each thesis.

CRANSHAW, Justin CMU-ISR-22-106 (SC)

DOBSON, Geoffrey B. CMU-ISR-22-103 (SC)

DWIVEDI, Vishal CMU-S3D-22-110 (SE) (Pending)

MORGAN, Geoffrey P. CMU-ISR-22-100 (SC)

QIU, Huilian Sophie CMU-ISR-22-109 (SC)

STRAUGHTER, Jeremy CMU-ISR-22-105 (SC)

SUKKERD, Roykrong CMU-ISR-22-104 (SE)

VILLA-Cox, Ramon CMU-ISR-22-108 (SC)

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