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CEMAP: General Usage Guide

Terrill L. Frantz, Kathleen M. Carley

May 2009

Center for the Computational Analysis of
Social and Organizational Systems (CASOS) Technical Report


Keywords: CEMAP, source data, social network, ORA, AutoMap, software, DyNetML, dynamic network analysis

CEMAP software is a wide-ranging solution to the many practical and logistical problems that analysts face when performing the basic data processing steps necessary for using analytic software. CEMAP transforms real-world source data into a form that is specifically formatted to the exacting requirements of particular social network analysis software. This report provides the concepts important to CEMAP as well as step-by-step instructions on how an analyst uses CEMAP as either a stand-alone or ORA/Automap-hosted interactive system, or as an automated command-line batch system. Taking the short time to learn how to use CEMAP, which is easy, will save a great deal of time in one's workflow within the analytic process and will put a wealth of popular real-world datasets within easy reach. This report guides the reader through the major aspects of CEMAP from the perspective of the role the operator plays in the work flow from raw-data extract, transformation, and the loading of network data, for subsequent analysis.

74 pages

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