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Early Implementation Experience with
Wearable Cognitive Assistance Applications

Zhuo Chen, Lu Jiang, Wenlu Hu, Kiryong Ha, Brandon Amos,
Padmanabhan Pillai*, Alex Hauptmann, Mahadev Satyanarayanan

April 2015


Keywords: Cognitive assistance, wearable computing, mobile computing, Google Glass, cloudlet, cloud offloading, offload shaping, computer vision

A cognitive assistance application combines a wearable device such as Google Glass with cloudlet processing to provide step-by-step guidance on a complex task. In this paper, we focus on user assistance for narrow and well-defined tasks that require specialized knowledge and/or skills. We describe proof-of-concept implementations for four different tasks: assembling 2D Lego models, freehand sketching, playing ping-pong, and recommending context-relevant YouTube tutorials. We then reflect on the difficulties we faced in building these applications, and suggest future research that could simplify the creation of similar applications.

17 pages

*Intel Labs

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