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Simplifying Cyber Foraging for Mobile Devices

Rajesh Krishna Balan, Darren Gergle, Mahadev Satyanarayanan, Jim Herbsleb

August 2005

This report is superceded by Computer Science Department
Technical Report CMU-CS-05-157R.


Keywords: Mobile Systems, user study, software engineering

Cyber foraging is the transient and opportunistic use of compute servers by mobile devices. The short market life of such devices makes rapid modification of applications for remote execution an important problem. We describe a solution that combines a "little language" for cyber foraging with an adaptive runtime system. We report results from a user study showing that even novice developers are able to successfully modify large, unfamiliar applications in just a few hours. We also show that the quality of novice-modified and expert-modified applications are comparable in most cases.

29 pages

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