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Advances in Counterexample-Guides

Edmund M. Clarke, Ofer Strichman, Editors

September 2003

Keywords: Model-checking, abstraction-refinement

This report is a collection of six articles on model checking in the abstract/refinement framework. This framework is used by various techniques for tackling the state-space explosion problem that is frequently encountered in model checking.

The articles collected in this report include:

  • Counterexample-Guided Abstraction Refinement
    Clarke, Grumberg, Jha, Lu, Veith
  • SAT based Abstraction-Refinement using ILP and Machine Learning Techniques
    Clarke, Gupta, Kukula, Strichman
  • Automated Abstraction Refinement for Model Checking
    Large State Spaces using SAT based Conflict Analysis

    Chauhan, Clarke, Kukula, Sapra, Veith, Wang
  • SAT based Predicate Abstraction for Hardware Verification
    Clarke, Talupur, Wang
  • High Level Verification of Control Intensive Systems Using Predicate Abstraction
    Clarke, Grumberg, Talupur, Wang
  • Verification of Hybrid Systems Based on Counterexample-Guided
    Abstraction Refinement

    Clarke, Fehnker, Han, Krogh, Stursberg, Theobald
91 pages

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