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2012 Senior Thesis Project Reports

Iliano Cervesato, Kemal Oflazer, Majd Sakr,
Mark Stehlik*, Khaled Harras, Abderrahmen Mtibaa

Dania Abed Rabbou

SCOUT: Extending the Reach of Social-Based
Context-Aware Ubiquitous Systems

May 2012


Keywords: Adaptive Networks, End-to-end Communication, Intermittent Networks, Hybrid Networks

This technical report collects the final reports of the undergraduate Computer Science majors from the Qatar Campus of Carnegie Mellon University who elected to complete a senior research thesis in the academic year 2011–12 as part of their degree. These projects have spanned the students' entire senior year, during which they have worked closely with their faculty advisors to plan and carry out their projects. This work counts as 18 units of academic credit each semester. In addition to doing the research, the students presented a brief midterm progress report each semester, presented a public poster session in December, presented an oral summary in the year-end campuswide Meeting of the Minds and submitted a written thesis in May.

15 pages

The editors of the report include the members of the Senior Thesis Committee on the Qatar campus and the student's advisors.

*Department of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University and Qatar campus

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