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Detailed Analysis of Factors Affecting Team Success
and Failure in the America's Army Game

Kathleen M. Carley, Il-Chul Moon, Mike Schneider, Oleg Shigiltchoff

May 2005

Center for Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems
CASOS Technical Report

Keywords: Organization theory, computational organization theory, dynamic social network, computer simulation, computer game, America's Army

We analyzed an extensive data trace of the on-line multi-player first-person-shooter game America's Army to understand the traits of the social and dynamic networks present in the game. Analyses were performed at the player level, team level, and clan level. Statistical analysis methods are used to examine the data at those three levels. In addition, the dynamic social networks of the teams are examined using a variety of social network analysis methods. Particular focus is given to discovering and explaining winning strategies employed by game players. From the analyses, some ways to win the game are revealed: top America's Army players' distinct behaviors, the optimum size of an America's Army team, the importance of fire volume toward opponent, the recommendable communication structure and content, and the contribution of the unity among the team members. Also, the analyses are compared to squad-level military research, and some similarities and differences are found.

88 pages

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