Institute for Software Research International
School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University


NetIntel: A Database for Manipulation of
Rich Social Network Data

Maksim Tsvetovat, Jana Diesner, Kathleen M. Carley

February 2005


Keywords: Database, Social Networks

There is a pressing need to automatically collect data on social systems as rich network data, analyze such systems to find hidden relations and groups, prune the datasets to locate regions of interest, locate key actors, characterize the structure, locate points of vulnerability, and simulate change in a system as it evolves naturally or in response to strategic interventions over time or under certain impacts, including modification of data. To meet this challenge, we need to develop a new mechanism for storing and manipulating social structure data. Social structure data will be stored in a relational database capable of manipulating large quantities of data. The database shall have advanced query capabilities (both SQL and procedural), as well as stored procedure and trigger capabilities. The database is structured to preserve the character and integrity of the data in an extensible manner, and is extended with a number of functions specifically designed for manipulating graph-based data.

26 pages

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