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Comparing the eSCM-SP v2 and BS 15000:
A comparison between the eSourcing Capability Model
for Service Providers v2and BS 15000-1:2002
(IT Service Management)

Majid Iqbal, Jenny Dugmore*, Subrata Guhu**,
William E. Hefley, Elaine B. Hyder, Mark C. Paulk

October 2004


Keywords: IT Services Qualification Center

The eSourcing Capability Model for Service Providers (eSCM-SP), a best practices model, gives providers of IT-enabled services a reference model and capability determination methods that they can employ in order to develop and improve their capability to consistently deliver high-quality services. The BS 15000 specification for IT Service Management (BS 15000-1) is a standard that guides providers of IT services toward compliance with the industry's best practice with respect to the management and delivery of IT services. While there are similarities and differences in the approach, focus, and scope of BS 15000 and the eSCM-SP, they each provide a framework for improving the quality of services while achieving organizational effectiveness and efficiency. This report provides a brief discussion of how the two are conceptually related, and a detailed mapping between the Practices of the eSCM-SP and the service management processes of BS 15000.

44 pages

* ConnectSphere
** Satyam Computer Services, Ltd.

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