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Measurement and the eSourcing Capability Model
for Service Providers

Mark C. Paulk, Shari L. Dove*, Subrata Guha**, Elaine B. Hyder,
Majid Iqbal, Kathleen O. Jacoby*, David M. Northcutt***, George E. Stark***

January 2005


Keywords: eSCM-SP, eSourcing Capability Model, service provider model, quality models and systems, capability models, business process outsourcing, IT-enabled outsourcing services, IT-enabled services, outsourcing, outsourcing models, sourcing, measurement, return on investment, ROI, cost, effort, nonconformance, status, progress, performance, value-added.

The eSourcing Capability Model for Service Providers (eSCM-SP) is a best practices capability model. It provides guidance to service providers on improving their capability across the sourcing lifecycle, and it provides clients with an objective means of evaluating the capability of service providers. Measurement is fundamental to effective service management, business process outsourcing (BPO), and organizational improvement. This report describes the importance of aligning an organization's measurements with its business objectives. It provides guidance on measurement principles and defines four measurement categories that span the Practices of the eSCM-SP. Examples and lessons learned are used to illustrate the principles and guidance.

110 pages

* Accenture
** Satyam Computer Services, Ltd.
*** IBM Global Services

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