Institute for Software Research International
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DyNetML: Interchange Format for Rich Social Network Data

Maksim Tsvetovat, Jeff Reminga, Kathleen M. Carley

January 2004

Institute for Software Research International (ISRI)
Center for Computational Analaysis of Social and Organizational Systems (CASOS)

Keywords: Social networks, data interchange, rich data, XML, DTD

We define a universal data interchange format to enable exchange of rich social network data and improve compatibility of analysis and visualization tools. DyNetML is an XML-derived language that provides means to express rich social network data. DyNetML also provides an extensible facility for link- ing anthropological, process description and other data with social networks. DyNetML has been implemented and in use by the CASOS group at Carnegie Mellon University as a data interchange format. We have also implemented parsing and conversion software for interoperability with other software packages.

24 pages

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