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AutoMap 1.2 - Extract, Analyze, Represent,
and Computer Mental Models from Texts

Jana Diesner, Kathleen M. Carley

January 2004

Institute for Software Research International (ISRI)
Center for Computational Analaysis of Social and Organizational Systems (CASOS)

Keywords: Text analysis, network text analysis, computer-supported text analysis, machine coding, content analysis, maps

AutoMap1.2 is a network text analysis tool that extracts, analyzes, represents, and compares mental models from texts. Network text analysis is a specific text analysis method that encodes links between words in a text and builds a network of the linked words.

Computational analysis of networks pulled out of textual data is a growing area of research for the following reasons:

  • The large and still growing number of electronically available texts requires the investigation of appropriate methods and tools to analyze large scale collections of texts effectively and efficiently.
  • Today's communication theories are oriented towards complex, large-scale systems, and therefore require methods that provide multi-level access to the meaning of textual data.

AutoMap helps users to analyze textual data according to the current requirements.

30 pages

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