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Construct User Guide

Stephen Dipple, Michael Kowalchuck, Neal Altman, Kathleen M. Carley

February 2022


Center for the Computational Analysis of Social and Organization Systems
CASOS Technical Report

This report supersedes ISR Technical Report
CMU-ISR-21-102: Construct User Guide (May 2021)

Keywords: Construct, multi-agent simulation, dynamic network analysis, agent-based modeling, information diffusion, belief diffusion, agent-based simulation, modeling, and simulation

This technical report provides users and researchers information on the configuration and use of Construct version 5.3.X. Construct is the CASOS's agent-based simulation software for dynamic network and information diffusion in complex socio-technical systems. The report provides a quick start guide to Construct, a detailed discussion of its configuration, and use through a sample problem and virtual experiment configuration exemplar, and a set of appendices with additional useful information. This document is both an introduction to Construct for casual modelers as well as a reference guide for researchers, modelers, and simulationists.

76 pages

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