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Socio-Cultural Cognitive Mapping

Kathleen M. Carley, Geoffrey P. Morgan, Joel Levine*

August 2017

Center for the Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems
CASOS Technical Report


Keywords: Socio-cultural cognitive mapping, social-networks

Socio-cultural cognitive mapping is a new empirical procedure for inferring social networks based on non-network data. The socio-cultural cognitive map (SCM) is the best fit network model given a set of attributes of for the nodes. At one level, this can be viewed as a case of reduced dimensionality mapping. At another level, this can be viewed as an approach for inferring network links such that the links themselves, and the positions of the nodes in space, carry meaning about the nature of the similarity and difference among the nodes. Herein, the advances that have been made in developing and testing this technique are described and illustrated.

9 pages

*Mathematical Social Sciences, Dartmouth College

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