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µÆminium Language Specification

Sven Stork, Jonathan Aldrich, Paulo Marques

February 2012


This report updates CMU-ISR-10-125R to
reflect the renaming of share blocks to split blocks.

Keywords: Programming languages, concurrency, access permissions

Writing concurrent applications is extremely challenging, not only in terms of producing bugfree and maintainable software, but also for enabling developer productivity. In this paper we present µÆminium: a core calculus for the µÆminium concurrent-by-default programming language. Using µÆminium programmers express data dependencies rather than control flow between instructions. Dependencies are expressed using permissions, which are used by the type system to automatically parallelize the application. The µÆminium approach provides a modular and composable mechanism for writing concurrent applications, provably preventing data races. This allows programmers to shift their attention from low-level, error-prone reasoning about thread interleaving and synchronization to focus on the core functionality of their applications.

59 pages

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