Institute for Software Research
School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University


Exploring Interrelationships among Project Entities
to Support Coordination in Distributed Teams

Anita Sarma, Jim Herbsleb

November 2008


Keywords: Software development, congruence, Tesseracn

This paper is geared to start a discussion about what data to preserve and analyze to facilitate collaborative production tasks. We do so by representing interrelationships among different project entities as networks and combining these networks using the concept of Meta Matrix – a methodology for combining individual networks to create derived networks to investigate. For illustration, we present how socio-technical dependencies, task dependencies, and knowledge networks can be constructed using the Meta Matrix. We conclude by showing how we used validated the feasibility of Meta Matrix by presenting Tesseract, a socio-technical browser that models a subset of individual and derived networks for a software project. It specifically, captures relations between developers, artifacts, and issues/bugs which is then displayed via a set of four juxtaposed, cross-linked displays.

9 pages

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