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Static Conformance Checking of Runtime
Architectural Structure

Marwan Abi-Antoun, Jonathan Aldrich

September 2008

This report supersedes CMU-ISRI-07-119 and CMU-ISRI-07-119R
Checking and Measuring the Architectural Structural
Conformance of Object-Oriented Systems

Keywords: Runtime architecture, conformance checking, conformance measurement

It is hard to statically check a system's conformance to its runtime architectural structure. Previous approaches address the code architecture, change the language radically, mandate implementation frameworks, or use dynamic analyses that cannot check all possible program runs.

We propose a static approach that supports existing object-oriented implementations, but relies on program nnotations to encode architectural intent. We statically extract a hierarchical view of the runtime object graph from the annotated program and map it into an as-built runtime architecture. We then check and measure the structural conformance of the as-built and the as-designed architectures.

An evaluation on several systems showed that the approach can identify interesting structural non-conformities.

27 pages

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