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OraGIS and Loom: Spatial and Temporal
Extensions to the ORA Analysis Platform

George B. David, Jamie Olson, Kathleen M. Carley

June 2008

Center for the Computational Analysis of
Social and Organizational Systems (CASOS) Technical Report


Keywords: Network analysis, GIS, geospatial, time series

Increasingly, data available to network analysts includes not only relationships between actors but measurements of entity attributes and relations through time and space. Integrating this information with existing dynamic network analysis techniques demands new models and tools. This paper introduces two extensions to the ORA dynamic network analysis platform intended to meet this need. The first, OraGIS, provides geospatial visualization and clustering algorithms. The second, Loom, assists in the analysis of agent movements through a discrete state space (such as a set of named locations) over time. We discuss the capabilities of both tools and their integration with the traditional analytics in the ORA platform.

17 pages

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