Human-Computer Interaction Institute
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A Cognitive Game for Teaching Policy Argument

Matthew W. Easterday

August 2010

Ph.D. Thesis


Keywords: NA

Our democracy depends upon the creation of an active engaged citizenry. The purpose of this dissertation is to provide the foundational research necessary for constructing an intelligent tutoring system to teach policy deliberation. The dissertation makes five use-inspired basic research contributions to the knowledge and technology of Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Artificial Intelligence in Education. Specifically it: (a) develops a cognitive framework for deliberation, (b) localizes reasoning difficulties within the synthesis stage of the framework, (c) shows that causal diagrams can improve reasoning, (d) demonstrates that we can design intelligent tutoring systems that teach deliberation, and (e) shows that educational games can increase learning and interest by using intelligent tutoring approaches to providing assistance.

193 pages

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