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Adaptive VM handoff Across Cloudlets

Kiryong Ha, Yoshihisa Abe, Zhuo Chen, Wenlu Hu,
Brandon Amos, Padmanabhan Pillai*, Mahadev Satyanarayanan

June 2015


Keywords: Mobile computing, cloud computing, edge computing, cloudlet, virtual machines, mobility, virtual machine migration, network latency

Cloudlet offload is a valuable technique for ensuring low end-to-end latency of resource-intensive cloud processing for many emerging mobile applications. This paper examines the impact of user mobility on cloudlet offload, and shows that even modest user mobility can result in significant network degradation. We propose VM handoff as a technique for seamlessly transferring VMencapsulated execution to a more optimal offload site as users move. Our approach can perform handoff in roughly a minute even over limited WANs by adaptively reducing data transferred. We present experimental results to validate our implementation and to demonstrate effectiveness of adaptation to changing network conditions and processing capacity.

27 pages

*Intel Labs

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