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Comingle: Distributed Logic Programming
for Decentralized Android Applications

Edmund S.L. Lam*, Iliano Cervesato*

March 2015


Also appears as Qatar Technical Report

Keywords: Multiset Rewriting, Logic Programming, Android Mobile Programming

Comingle is a logic programming framework aimed at simplifying the development of applications distributed over multiple mobile devices. Applications are written as a single declarative program (in a system-centric way) rather than in the traditional node-centric manner, where separate communicating code is written for each participating node. Comingle is based on committed-choice multiset rewriting and is founded on linear logic. We describe a prototype targeting the Android operating system and illustrate how Comingle is used to program distributed mobile applications. As a proof of concept, we discuss three distributed mobile games and one networking service orchestrated using Comingle.

29 pages

*Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar Campus

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