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The 2007 Supply Chain Trading Agent Competition:
Procurement Challenge

Alberto Sardinha, Michael Benisch, James Andrews, Norman Sadeh

June 2007

This reports supercedes CMU-ISRI-07-106


Keywords: Autonomous agent, electronic commerce, trading agent

This document contains the specifications of the 2007 Supply Chain Trading Agent Competition – Procurement Challenge (SCM-PC-07). The challenge revolves around a PC assembly scenario, where trading agents developed by different teams compete for components required to assemble different types of PCs. The Challenge requires agents to manage supply chain risk by negotiating long-term, quantity-flexible procurement contracts and supplementing these contracts with short-term, spot-market procurement orders. As such, the SCM-PC-07 Challenge complements the current "baseline" TAC-SCM scenario by extending the space of procurement options available to supply chain trading agents.

15 pages

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