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txt2pajek: Creating Pajek Files from Text Files

Jürgen Pfeffer, Andrej Mrvar, Validmiar Batagelj

October 2013


Keywords: Pajek, network analysis, network data, text files

Pajek is a software tool for analysis and visualization of large networks and has been under constant development since 1996. In 2004, the first version of txt2pajek was released to assist scientists in all areas to create Pajek readable .net files from raw text files. In the following years several updates have been released. Now we present a new version that incorporates recent advancements in Pajek and more complex network structures (e.g. handling of Unicode data, multiplex networks, vectors, partitions). This technical report describes the different options in txt2pajek and can also be seen as an introduction to creating Pajek network files

17 pages

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