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KeySlinger and StarSlinger:
Secure Key Exchange and Encrypted File
Transfer on Smartphones

Jason Lee

May 2011

M.S. Thesis


Keywords: Security, Mobile, Android, iOS, Mobile Apps, Secure Key Exchange, Encryption, Authentication, Secure Communication, Secure File Transfer

As the smartphone market continues to grow at a rapid pace, secure communication between these devices becomes an important issue. Smartphones are capable of being used in methods that differ vastly from the traditional desktop computing environment, making it possible to create new kinds of security protocols that take advantage of the mobility and other features provided by smartphones. This work presents KeySlinger and StarSlinger, apps for secure key exchange and authenticated/encrypted file transfer, respectively. KeySlinger is built on the SPATE protocol to exchange information between small (fewer than 8 people) or large groups of people in an authenticated manner. StarSlinger uses keys exchanged using KeySlinger to transfer authenticated and encrypted files between users.

22 pages

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