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A Case for World-wide Network Measurement
using Smartphones and Open Marketplaces

Dongsu Han, Srinivasan Seshan

February 2011


Keywords: Cellular networks, 3G measurement, WiFi measurement, open marketplace, android

Obtaining representative measurements with a large number of vantage points has been one of the key challenges in network measurements. Smartphones and open marketplaces for applications provide a unique opportunity for obtaining a large number of vantage points and enable measuring diverse properties of the Internet and mobile networks. This paper presents the methodology, practice and unique challenges involved in leveraging smartphones and open marketplace for large scale measurements. We examine issues with using this approach related to application adoption patterns and the diversity of users across geographic regions. Finally, we highlight examples of new measurement studies this approach enables, such as typical localization accuracy of mobile users, effectiveness of IP localization, and characterizing WiFi network environment.

14 pages

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