Institute for Software Research
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A Catalog of Techniques that Predict Information
about the Count of Rate of Field Defects

Paul Luo Li

December 2006


Keywords: Software engineering, management, measurement, metrics, software quality assurance, reliability, risk management, planning, software reliability growth models, reliability modeling, statistical models, defect prediction.

Quality of software in the field is an important concern for producers of software, who often need to predict information about the count or rate of field defects to perform activities to manage the quality of their software products. To help software producers select appropriate techniques for making such predictions, we provide a catalog of techniques that are commonly used in the literature for predicting information about the count or rate of field defects. This catalog presents information on the intuition behind each technique and its inputs, outputs, procedures, applicability, cost of use, and quality of predictions. Finally, we discuss promising research that addresses some of the problems with the techniques that are commonly used today.

67 pages

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