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dTL2: Differential Temporal Dynamic Logic
with Nested Temporalities for Hybrid Systems

Jean-Baptiste Jeannin, André Platzer

December 2014


Keywords: Differential temporal dynamic logic, hybrid systems, dynamic logic, temporal logic

The differential temporal dynamic logic dTL2 is a logic to specify temporal properties of hybrid systems. It combines differential dynamic logic with temporal logic to reason about the intermediate states reached by a hybrid system. The logic dTL2 supports some linear time temporal properties of LTL. It extends differential temporal dynamic logic dTL with nested temporalities. We provide a semantics and a proof system for the logic dTL2, and show its usefulness for nontrivial temporal properties of hybrid systems. We take particular care to handle the case of alternating universal dynamic and existential temporal modalities and its dual, solving an open problem formulated in previous work.

34 pages

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