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Formal Modeling of the Enterprise JavaBeans Component Integration Framework

Joao Pedro Sousa, David Garlan

September 2000

To appear in the special issue on Component-Based Development of the Information and Software Technology Journal, Elsevier Print, UK. This report is an extended version of the paper "Formal Modeling of the Enterprise JavaBeans Component Integration Framework," which appears in the
Proceedings of FM'99, World Congress on Formal Methods in the Development of Software Systems, Springer Verlag, LLNCS, vol. 1709, pp 1281-1300. Wing, Woodcock and Davies, Editors.

Keywords: Software architecture, software frameworks, component integration standards, component-based software, Enterprise JavaBeans

An emerging trend in the engineering of complex systems is the use of component integration frameworks. Such a framework prescribes an architectural design that permits flexible composition of third-party components into applications. A good example is Sun Microsystems' Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) framework, which supports object-oriented, distributed, enterprise-level applications, such as account management systems. One problem with frameworks like EJB is that they are documented informally, making it difficult to understand precisely what is provided by the framework, and what is required to use it. We believe formal specification can help, and in this paper show how a formal architectural description language can be used to describe and provide insight into such frameworks.

35 pages

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