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Progress in Automated Virtual World Construction

David M. McKeown, Stephen J. Gifford, Michael F. Polis,
Jeff McMahill, Christian D. Hoffman

January 1996

This paper will appear in the Proceedings of the 1996 ARPA Image Understanding Workshop, February 12-15, 1996,
Palm Springs, California

Unavailable electronically.

Keywords: Construction of virtual worlds, distributed interactive simulation, efficient terrain representation

This paper outlines our recent research in the area of automated construction of virtual world databases. Constructing large-scale virtual world databases for ground-based simulation requires the integration of information from various sources, including digital map data, aerial and satellite imagery, detailed line drawings, and ground-based photography. Such virtual world databases have significant applications in DoD training, mission planning and rehearsal, and autonomous agent simulation. We also give an overview of our process model for virtual world construction as a task flow, highlight some current examples of database construction, and outline areas of future work.

15 pages

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