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Research in the Automated Analysis
of Remotely Sensed Imagery: 1994-1995

David M. McKeown, G. Edward Bulwinkle, Steven D. Cochran,
Stephen J. Ford, Stephen J. Gifford, Wilson A. Harvey,
Yuan C. Hsieh, Chris McGlone, Jeff McMahill,
Michael F. Polis, Michel Roux*, Jefferey A. Shufelt

January 1996

This paper will appear in the Proceedings of the 1996 ARPA Image Understanding Workshop, February 12-15, 1996,
in Palm Springs, California.

Unavailable electronically.

Keywords: Building detection, vanishing point analysis, automated cartography; stereo matching with multiple views, 3D building hypotheses; semi-automated site modeling, performance analysis, multiple image exploitation, interactive site modeling, model verification, 3D modeling; photogrammetry, geometric constraints, bundle adjustment; knowledge-based systems, task-level parallelism, distributed shared-memory, production system computational models; computer vision, aerial image understanding, stereo; multispectral analysis, surface material classification, HYDICE sensor system, hyperspectral imagery; construction of virtual worlds, distributed interactive simulation, efficient terrain representation

This paper presents an overview of the program of research at the CMU Digital Mapping Laboratory in the analysis of remotely sensed imagery and the construction of virtual world databases. We report progress in the areas of digital photogrammetry, automatic and semi-automatic building extraction, road extraction, stereo analysis, multispectral image analysis, and virtual world construction for distributed simulation.

36 pages

*Departement Images, Telecom Paris, 46 rue Barrault, 75013 Paris, France.

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