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Bootstrapping Evolvability for Inter-Domain Routing with D-BGP

Raja R. Sambasivan, David Tran-Lam*, Aditya Akella*, Peter Steenkiste

June 2016


Keywords: BGP, control plane, evolvability

It is extremely difficult to utilize new routing protocols in today's Internet. As a result, the Internet's baseline inter-domain protocol for connectivity (BGP) has remained largely unchanged, despite known significant flaws. The difficulty of using new protocols has also depressed opportunities for (currently commoditized) transit providers to provide value-added routing services. To help, this paper proposes Darwin's BGP (D-BGP), a modified version of BGP that can support evolvability to new protocols. D-BGP modifies BGP's advertisements and advertisement processing based on requirements imposed by key evolvability scenarios, which we identified via analyses of recently proposed routing protocols.

29 pages

*Department of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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