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Just-in-Time Provisioning for Cyber Foraging

Kiryong Ha, Padmanabhan Pillai*, Wolfgang Richter,
Yoshihisa Abe, Mahadev Satyanarayanan

December 2012


Keywords: Mobile computing, cloud computing, cyber foraging, smartphones, virtual machines, system architecture, cloudlets, VM synthesis, face recognition, speech recognition, object recognition, augmented reality, simulation-based graphics

VM-based cloudlets have been proposed as offload sites for the resource-intensive and latency-sensitive computations typically associated with mobile multimedia applications. Although many offload strategies have been explored, they all rely on precisely-configured back-end software. Since precise pre-provisioning of cloudlets across multiple domains is difficult at global scale, we describe just-in-time (JIT) provisioning under the control of an associated mobile device. We demonstrate a prototype system that is capable of provisioning a cloudlet with a non-trivial VM image in just 10 seconds. This speed is achieved through a series of optimizations detailed in the paper, using a suite of five representative mobile applications to guide the process.

22 pages

*Intel Labs

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