Computer Science Department
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A Vendor-Neutral Library and Viewer for
Whole-Slide Images

Adam Goode, M. Satyanarayanan

June 2008


Keywords: Whole-slide images, virtual slides, digital pathology, microscopy, glass slides, Trestle, Zeiss, Aperio, Bacus, Hamamatsu, Olympus, Diamond

Although widely touted as a replacement for glass slides and microscopes, whole-slide images used in digital pathology present a challenge in analysis and interoperability. No universal data format exists for these images: analysis tools, viewers, and libraries are vendor-specific. In this paper, we present a vendor-neutral C library for reading whole-slide image files. The library is high-performance, extensible, and easily interfaced to various programming languages. An application writer need only write a program against the library's API to read multiple vendor formats. A Java-based whole-slide viewer that uses the C library is also presented.

11 pages

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