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Interactive Search of Adipocytes
in Large Collections of Digital Cellular Images

Adam Goode, Mei Chen*, Anil Tarachandani**, Lily Mummert*,
Rahul Sukthankar*, Casey Helfrich*, Alice Stefanni**, Limor Fix*,
Jeffrey Saltzman**, M. Satyanarayanan

December 2006


Keywords: Diamond, OpenDiamond, interactive search, non-indexed search, image processing, measurement tool FatFind, computer vision, LTI-Lit, ellipse detection, circle detection, lipid

In the field of lipid research, the measurement of adipocyte size is an important but difcult problem. We describe an imaging-based solution that combines precise investigator control with semi-automated quantitation. By using unxed live cells, we avoid many complications that arise in trying to isolate individual adipocytes. Instead, we image a small drop of live adipocyte suspension under a microscope, and then quantitate the image using an open-source software tool called FatFind. Since we have developed FatFind on the open-source Diamond distributed search platform, it inherits the scaling, parallelism and remote access attributes of Diamond. This paper reports on the design, implementation, and evaluation of FatFind.

16 pages

*Intel Research Pitsburgh
**Merck & Co., Inc.

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