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To Carry or To Find?
Footloose on the Internet with a zero-pound laptop

M. Satyanarayanan, Benjamin Gilbert, Niraj Tolia,
H.Andres Lagar-Cavilla*, Ajau Surie, Partho Nath**, Adam Wolbach,
Jan Harkes, Matt Toups, Michael A. Kozuch*, Casey J. Helfrich***,
David R. O'Hallaron, Adrian Perrig, David J. Farber

September 2006


Keywords: Mobile computing, virtual machine, Internet Suspend/Resume, ISR, OpenISR, operating system, Coda, content-addressable storage, CAS, VMware, Xen

Internet Suspend/Resume (ISR) is a new model of personal computing that cuts the tight binding between personal computing state and personal computing hardware. ISR is implemented by layering a virtual machine (VM) on distributed storage. The VM encapsulates execution and user customization state; distributed storage transports that state across space and time. In this paper, we explore the implications of ISR for an infrastructure-based approach to mobile computing. We report on our experience with three versions of ISR, and describe work in progress on a new version called OpenISR.

12 pages

*University of Toronto
**Pennsylvania State University
***Intel Research Pittsburgh

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