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Privacy-Preserving Set Operations

Lea Kissner, Dawn Song

February 2005
Last modified June 2005

Keywords: Private multiset operations, secure multi-party computation, privacy, intersection, threshold, union, element reduction

In many important applications, a collection of mutually distrustful parties must perform private computation over multisets. Each party's input to the function is his private input multiset. In order to protect these private sets, the players perform privacy-preserving computation; that is, no party learns more information about other parties' private input sets than what can be deduced from the result. In this paper, we propose efficient techniques for privacy-preserving operations on multisets. By employing the mathematical properties of polynomials, we build a framework of efficient, secure, and composable multiset operations: the union, intersection, and element reduction operations. We apply these techniques to a wide range of practical problems, achieving more efficient results than those of previous work.

39 pages

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