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Adding Faster with Application Specific Early Termination

David Koes, Tiberiu Chelcea, Charles Onyeama, Seth Copen Goldstein

January 2005

Keywords: asynchronous hardware, arithmetic and logic structures, high-speed arithmetic, applicationspecific optimization

This paper presents a methodology for improving the speed of high-speed adders. As a starting point, a previously proposed method, called speculative completion, is used in which fast-terminating additions are automatically detected. Unlike the previous design, the method proposed in this paper is able to adapt dynamically to (1) application-specific behavior and (2) to adder-specific behavior, resulting in a higher detection rate of fast additions and, consequently, a faster average-case speed for addition. Our experimental results show detection rates of over 99%, and adder average-case speed improvements of up to 14.8%.

20 pages

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