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Network-Aware Partitioning of Computation
in Diamond

Alex Nizhner*, Larry Huston**, Peter Steenkiste, Rahul Sukthankar***

June 2004

Keywords: Active storage, dynamic partitioning, interactive search

The Diamond storage architecture enables efficient interactive search of unindexed data by supporting the execution of application-specific filter binaries directly at storage devices. This functionality allows irrelevant objects to be discarded at the early stages of the search pipeline, thereby reducing the load on the interconnect and the user's workstation. In order to achieve efficient use of resources under dynamic conditions, Diamond adaptively partitions computation among the storage devices and the user's host.

In this paper, we explore the behavior of Diamond systems in network-bound configurations. We develop a performance model capturing the pertinent properties of a Diamond system; in particular, we characterize the amount of network traffic generated as a result of evaluating a Diamond query. Ultimately, we formulate a partitioning algorithm that provably minimizes the amount of traffic injected into the network during the execution of a search under CPU time constraints at processing stages.

23 pages

*Information Networking Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
**Intel Research Pittsburgh
***Robotics Institite, Carnegie Mellon University and Intel Research Pittsburgh

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