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The Supply Chain Management Game
for the Trading Agent Competition 2004

Raghu Arunachalam, Norman Sadeh, Joakim Eriksson*, Niclas Finne*

February 2004

Also appears as Institute for Software Research International
Technical Report CMU-ISRI-04-104


Keywords: Trading Agent Competition Supply Chain Management Game

This report is the specification for the Trading Agent Competition Supply Chain Management Game - TAC SCM-04, to be held between July 20-22, 2004, in New York in conjunction with AAMAS-04. Based on the experience of the 2003 trading agent competition a few enhancements have been added to the original game. The price function has been modified to better reflect demand; 2) storage costs have been introduced; and 3) customer demand has been segmented into multiple markets.

20 pages

*Swedish Institute of Computer Science, SE-164 29 Kista, Sweden.

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