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Course Project Reports:
Hopt Topics in Database Systems, Fall 2002

Anastassia Ailamaki, Stravros Harizopoulos, Editors

August 2003

Collected Authors:
Deepayan Chakrabarti, Stavros Harizopoulos, Hyang-Ah Kim, Suman Nath,
Demian Nave, Stratos Papadomanolakis, Bianca Schroeder, Minglong Shao,
Vladislav Shkapenyuk, Mengzhi Wang

Keywords: DBMS, databases, performance, transaction, histogram, XML, indexing, B-trees, SQL, multiple query optimization, workload characterization, network traffic monitoring.

This technical report contains eight final project reports contributed by ten participants in Hot Topics in Database Systems, a CMU advanced graduate course offered by Professor Anastassia Ailamaki in Fall 2002. The course covers advanced research issues in modern database system design through paper presentations and discussion. In Fall 2002, topics included query optimization, data stream and adaptive query processing, continuous queries, self-tuning database systems, interaction between the database software and the underlying hardware, distributed and peer-to-peer DBMS, and XML applications. The participating students studied and evaluated the cutting-edge research papers from each topic, and addressed the related issues in in-class discussions.

Inspired by the course material, the students proposed and carried out a total of eight projects. The projects included innovative research and implementation and the students worked in teams of two or by themselves. The project reports were carefully evaluated by the students using a conference program committee-style blind-review process. The resulting camera-ready papers are available in this technical report. Several of these reports (as noted in their first page) have resulted in conference submissions. The projects were presented using posters and demos during a half-day HotDB workshop that was held at Carnegie Mellon on December 10, 2002.

52 pages

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