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eSourcing Capability Model (escm)
Annotated Bibliography

Bennet Kumar, Vivek Mahendra, Elaine Hyder
Elise Nawrocki, K. Madhu, Rajesh Gupta

October 2002

Keywords: Application Service Provider, Call Center Services, CMM, Data Analysis Services, Data Capture, Data Integration, Engineering Services, Human Resource Services, Information Systems, Information Technology, Knowledge Management, Measurement, Models and Assessment Methods, Multimedia and Animation Services, Outsourcing, Quality, Remote Customer Interaction, Standards, Strategic Alliances, Transcription Services.

The eSourcing Capability Model is being developed to enable IT-enabled service providers to appraise and improve their capability to provide consistently high quality services in the Internet economy. The framework for this model will enable service providers to establish and manage continually improving relationships with their clients. The primary focus of existing quality models is only on the execution of a contract. The eSourcing Capability Model addresses the contract activities related to the design and development of an outsourced service but also asserts that successful outsourcing necessitates a focus on (1) the activities leading to the formation of outsourcing relationships and (2) the transitioning or termination of outsourced services. The research used to design this model is represented in this Annotated Bibliography and is organized into the following sections, listed alphabetically:

I. Information Systems / Information Technology [1-47]
II. Knowledge Management [48-57]
III. Measurement [58-69]
IV. Models and Assessment Methods
        a) Articles and Reports [70-82]
        b) CMM-Related [83-100]
        c) Other [101-114]
V. Outsourcing [115-222]
VI. Outsourcing
        a) Application Service Provider [223-235]
        b) Data Capture, Integration and Analysis Services [236-237]
        c) Engineering Services [238-255]
        d) Human Resource Services [256-270]
        e) Management Information Systems [271]
        f) Multimedia and Animation Services [272-278]
        g) Remote Customer Interaction [279-286]
        h) Transcription Services [287-301]
VII. Standards [302-316]
VIII. Standards - Articles and Reports [317-331]
IX. Strategic Alliances [332-349]
X. Other [350-374]

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