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Preliminary Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Types in Compilation
(TIC 2000)

September 21, 2000

Abstract, (Intro), A.pdf , (Grossman, Morrisett), B.pdf , (Dimock, Westmacott, Muller, Turbak, Wells, Considine), C.pdf , (Crary), D.pdf , (Bigliardi, Laneve), E.pdf , (Igarashi, Kobayashi), F.pdf , (Leair, Pande), G.pdf , (Drossopoulou), H.pdf , (Hicks, Weirich, Crary), I.pdf , (Duggan), J.pdf , (Walker, Morrisett), K.pdf , (Wansbrough, Peyton Jones), L.pdf , (Saha, Trifonov, Shao), M.pdf

Keywords: Typed compilation

This vclume is the informal proceedings of the Third ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Types in Compilation held in conjunction with PLI 2000 in Montreal, Canada on September 21, 2000. These papers represent a selection of 12 papers chosen by the program committee after review of 20 submissions. Each papser was refereed by at least three members of the committee. The final selection of papers was made by the program chair with the consent of the committee. Papers co-authored by a program committee member were refereed independently of that member, with the final decision made by the program chair. The authors were invited to review their submissions based on the referee reports and are reproduced here. A formal proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag as part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences series after the workshop. These papers will be refereed to journal standards and will represent an archival record of the research reported herein.


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