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An Approach for Quality of Service Management

Chen Lee, Daniel Siewiorek

October 1998

Keywords: QoS management and optimization, QoS index and utility model, QoS tradeoff, resource tradeoff, multimedia

We present a translucent QoS management optimization framework for systems that must satisfy application needs along multiple dimensions such as timeliness, reliability, cryptographic security and other application-specific quality requirements. The architecture of the system consists of a semantically rich (in terms of customizable and expressiveness) QoS specification interface for multi-dimensional QoS provisioning, a quality-of-service index model to help the user make the quality trade-off decision, and a unified QoS-based admission control and resource planning system.

The semantically rich QoS specification interface allows the user or system administrator to define fine-grained service requests in terms of quality or rate of service. The QoS index model is designed to be flexible and policy driven. The unified QoS-based admission and resource control facilitates the deployment of various QoS policies to meet performance objectives for specific service optimizations. Finally, the overall architecture enables us to quantitatively measure QoS, and to analytically plan and allocate resource.

30 pages

*Revised version of CMU-CS-98-165 (Version June 1999)

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