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On-Line Algorithms in Machine Learning

Avrim L. Blum

July 1997

This paper is based on a survey talk presented at the June 1996 Dagstuhl Workshop on On-Line Algorithms.

Keywords: On-line algorithms, computational learning theory, on-line prediction, competitive analysis, machine learning

The areas of On-Line Algorithms and Machine Learning are both concerned with problems of making decisions about the present based only on knowledge of the past. Although these areas differ in terms of their emphasis and the problems typically studied, there are a collection of results in Computational Learning Theory that fit nicely into the "on-line algorithms" framework. This survey article discusses some of the results, models, and open problems from Computational Learning Theory that seem particularly interesting from the point of view of on-line algorithms research.

The emphasis in this article is on describing some of the simpler, more intuitive results, whose proofs can be given in their entirety. Pointers to the literature are given for more sophisticated versions of these algorithms.

22 pages

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