Computer Science Department
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A Model for a List-oriented Extension of the Lambda Calculus

Glenn Durfee

May 1997

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of
Master of Science (Honors Degree Program)
Department of Mathematics, Carnegie Mellon University.

Keywords: Lambda calculus, applicative lists, denotational semantics, domain theory

This work is intended to provide a semantics for a fragment of a programming language described by Gyorgy Revesz in Lambda-Calculus combinators and Functional Programming), for which no model was known. We begin with a brief presentation of the syntax of the lambda calculus and some relevant extensions. We then describe a class of complete lattices and use them as models for the lambda calculus. We then find specialized sublattices which we use as models for the extensions of the lambda calculus, thus achieving the original goal of finding a semantics for Revesz's language.

33 pages

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