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The Prodigy User Interface

Jim Blythe, Manuela Veloso, Luiz Edival de Souza*

February 1997

Keywords: Prodigy user interface, planning domain, analogical reasoning, probabilistic planning

The Prodigy user interface supports the process of both building and running a planning domain in Prodigy. It was designed to be highly modular, requiring no changes to the code of the Prodigy planner to run, and extensible, so that interfaces to other modules built on Prodigy could easily be intergrated into the interface. In this paper we describe how these goals were achieved. We demonstrate building a domain and animating the planning process. We describe extensions to the user interface to support planning by analogical reasoning and probabilistic planning with Prodigy. 15 pages

*On leave from Escola Federal de Engenhaira de Itajuba', MG, Brazil.

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