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Improving Demonstration Using Better Interaction

Richard G. McDaniel, Brad A. Myers

January 1997

[Also appears as CMU-HCII-97-100]

Keywords: Programming-by-demonstration, inductive learning, programming-by-example, application builders

Programming-by-demonstration (PBD) can be used to create tools and methods that eliminate the need to learn difficult computer languages. Gamut is a new PBD tool that can create a broader range of interactive software, including games, simulations, and educational software, than other PBD tools. To do this, Gamut uses advanced interaction techniques that make it easier for a software author to express all needed aspects of one's program. These techniques include a simplified way to demonstrate new examples, called "nudges," and a way to highlight objects to show they are important. Also, Gamut includes new objects and metaphors like the deck-of-cards metaphor for demonstrating collections of objects and randomness, guide objects for drawing relationships that the system would find too difficult to guess, and temporal ghosts which simplify showing relationships with the recent past.

15 pages

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