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Fault Free Performance Validation of a Fault-Tolerant Multiprocessor: Baseline and Synthetic Workload Measurements


Edward W. Czeck, Daniel P. Siewiorek, Zary Segall

November 1985

Today's aircraft use on board computers to perform isolated functions. Soon aircraft must utilize ultrareliable computer systems to provide flight critical functions. This project outlines a Validation Methodology for ultrareliable computer systems and applies the methodology to the Fault Tolerant Multiprocessor FTMP system at NASA Langley's AIRLAB. The validation experiments applied to FTMP measured the operating system and fault tolerant software overheads on FTMP. The real time operating systems consumed 63% of the system throughput whereas the fault tolerant software required only 5%. Although the validation methodology was applied strictly to FTMP the methodology proved effective by uncovering both system implementation dependencies and undesirable behavior in the FTMP system.

53 pages

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